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About Ben

  • Citizenship: American

  • Experience:  20 years

  • Home: Prague, Czech Republic

  • Languages:  Native English; French; A1 Czech; Forgotten Spanish and Russian


I'm the son of an English professor father and an English as a second language teacher mother. I was raised with not only an appreciation of the English language but also for those that learn it. Growing up in Michigan, I acquired the standard American accent. 


After studying history in college, I traveled to Russia to teach English and get some experience abroad. Little did I know that I would fall in love with teaching as well.


More than ten years later, having taught

  • over twenty nationalities

  • hundreds of students

  • all levels of English

  • VIPS from major companies

I still learn as much from my students as I teach them, which means I remain committed to my work. Every day brings something new.


Currently, I live in Prague with my wife and two children.

Apart from work and family, I enjoy reading, cooking, gardening and tasting new beers.




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